Functional Possibilities and Limitations

Functional Possibilities

  • Expandable: The factory can continuously register new vault implementations, making it expandable and adaptable.

  • Upgradeable: Vaults can be upgraded to newer implementation versions, expanding features of the vault.

  • Structured Administration: The common immutable Vault Proxy Admin component provides a structured approach to handle administrative and upgrade requests, mitigating risks associated with the change of the vault implementation.


  • Access Control: Only the factory owner has the privilege to register new implementations


  • The vault owner can upgrade owned vaults to a new version via call to vault proxy admin that resides within the byte code of the vault. Each version encapsulates an immutable set of logics, thereby providing transparent control over user funds. But in case the vault’s new implementation is broken it is still possible to recover the vault via vault proxy admin. This structured approach ensures that the integrity and traceability of operations are maintained, fostering trust and clarity in the management of user assets.

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