Checkers are specialized components designed to perform distinct types of checks, ensuring conditions are met before executing workflows. They enable the system to interact with external on-chain data

Price Checker

  • Stores target rate and fee for any two tokens.

  • Provides a view to compare the current price via DittoOracle to the target rate.

Aave Checker

  • Stores and manages HealthFactor boundaries for a specified user.

  • Provides functionality to update, check, and retrieve HealthFactor information.

Price Difference Checker

  • Stores addresses of token0 and token1, fee, and deviation by a pointer.

  • Provides a mechanism to check if the price difference is outside of the defined deviation.

Time Checker

  • Manages time-related checks to ascertain if a defined time period has elapsed since the last recorded action.

  • Offers functionalities to initialize, check, update, and retrieve time-related data.

Each Checker type has a structured view for storage by a pointer, allowing for organized data management and streamlined interactions with the associated logic.

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