Ditto Vault (Smart Wallet)

The Vault is a modular smart contract wallet within our ecosystem, designed to securely hold and manage assets on behalf of users while providing a robust framework for deferred task execution.

Asset Holding and Exchanging:

  • Safely holds assets native currency, ERC20 tokens and NFT on behalf of users. Supports deposit and withdrawal operations, facilitating smooth asset transactions.

  • Has built in MEV-Protection and multicall composer for optimised defi protocols interactions.

Deferred and Conditional Execution:

  • Allows the vault owner to save a sequence of tasks for later execution by custom trigger within the Entry Point . Currently we support integration with Gelato but the own keeper is in the roadmap.

Built-In Integrations:

Cross-Chain control:

  • Vault can send cross chain messages to its copy on other evm chain. The message is then checked by Bridge Receiver for validity and executed. This allows for arbitrary cross chain command passing.

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