Flexibility & Use


Features the more complicated indexation as the transfer is separated into multiple transactions and deferred in time (for about 25 min) executed by the layer zero. Thus allowing for stealth transfers as the recipient can not easily trace the funds and the initial transaction.

The transfer happens via bridging the funds to the middle chain and then sending them back to multiple recipients. So it requires the user to have vaults deployed on both chains.

As we have two bridging integrations with fixed and slippage fees we can provide the user with cheaper option for the specific transfer value. There are three options to choose (right now for eth, arb, ava, opt):

  1. Stargate - Stargate (obf 1)

    1. stargateFee*transferValue < fixedFeeCeler

  2. Celer - Stargate

    1. SFTV > FFC && FFCnRecipients > SF*TV

  3. Celer - Celer

    1. SFTV > FFCnRecipients

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