Uniswap (DEX) Module

The DEX Module is instrumental in interfacing with any DEX protocol to manage liquidity, execute swaps, and handle positions in liquidity pools. It encapsulates functionalities that facilitate seamles

Core Functionalities

  • Position Management:

    • mintNFT: Facilitates the minting of NFTs representing positions in the liquidity pool, extending the system's engagement in liquidity provision.

    • changeTickRange: Adjusts the tick range for a position by burning the previous one and minting a new one, ensuring the positions are kept within desired parameters.

  • Liquidity Provision:

    • a**ddLiquidity: Adds liquidity to a pre-existing NFT.

    • Liquidity pool position withdraw: Allows for the withdrawal of liquidity pool positions to the vault or owner, ensuring control over assets.

  • Swaps and Asset Exchanges:

    • swap: Features custom MEV-Protection based on deviation threshold from oracle price.

    • swap to target R: Automates the preparation of liquidity tokens for adding liquidity or minting actions, aligning with target rate R.

  • Fees and Compounding:

    • Collect fees to vault address: Accumulates fees from liquidity provision to the vault address.

    • Autocompound: Collects fees to the vault and re-invests them into the pool, optimizing asset growth through compounding.

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