Keepers should execute transactions that are assigned to them in the window. If they fail to follow the rules, they will be penalized by applying a penalty on their staked ETH assets. This mechanism is fully decentralized. Relayers are incentivized to provide cryptographic proofs to penalize non-compliant participants on the network.

  • Validators are penalized if they are missing tasks and don’t submit transactions during time window

Type of violationPenalties

Missed attestation

0,5% from the bonded amount

Missed transactions

2% from the bonded amount

Extra gas spending (in case of more than 10% extra amount to complete user’s tasks/intents)

Equal to an extra gas fee

Sending transactions without a required MEV protection

2% from the bonded amount

In case the staked amount after penalties is less than stakeAmount that keeper is put on hold and call a special function to be activated again.

If the validator violates the core rules several times in a row, he gets slashed and loses 30% of their active stake.

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